Single Form


自然の力により 石のフォルムが生まれるように
肌に触れあう 自然物と身体の重なりは
私たちの感覚に 新たな息吹をもたらす


Single Formは、石にジュエリーを纏わせた一点物の作品です。デザイナー本人が各地で出会った自然の石一つ一つの質感、形に合わせて、作品制作をしています。  


自然界の波長に合わせて、素材と向き合いながらフォルムを追求し、創造しながら生まれた作品は、人の身体と調和していきます。 肌に合わせると、石の質感や流動的な線やフォルムを通じて自然の一片を静かに感じとることができます。
Single Form

“Single Form” is to bring the awareness to relationship between mother nature and human nature, with jewelry as the medium.

Each piece was dressed in a stone found by the oceans and mountains. When we hold a stone in our hands, we can touch past environments though the shape, texture and weight of the stone. Chihiro Kuwahata focused on the form created by a universal force in nature and made a wearable piece which is born to harmonize with our body. When you put it on your skin, you can feel the calmness of nature through the natural textures, fluid lines, and organic shapes of stone.

She used silver as primary material. There is a saying that silver is a talisman because of its reflective qualities among the precious metals, so light bounces back against evil. 

All jewelry is one of a kind and sold in a set of jewelry and stone.



   Laxford, Scotland
   Silver coloring, Atelier, Tokyo